It was just an accident or should I say it wasn’t planned at all. I don’t have any plan of taking the Professional CSE since I already have my Sub-professional but then out of nowhere I decided to search about it. I found out that I only have 3 days left to prepare my requirements.

Below are the specific requirements the applicant must comply:

  1. APPLICATION FORM: Fully accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100, Revised 2015). Download the form here. The ‘Signature’ and the ‘Right Thumb mark’ as per CSC shall be left blank as this will be accomplished in the presence of CSC representative/ processor.
  2. ID PICTURES: Four (4) pieces of ID photos, Passport size, colored with white background, with handwritten name tag showing the signature over printed full  name format. In the photo studio, just tell that the photo is to be used for Civil Service application, they already know the specifications.
  3. VALID ID with clear picture and Date of Birth and signature: Original and photocopy of any of the following: Driver’s license, PRC License ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, Voter’s ID, BIR ID, Philhealth ID, Postal ID, Current company ID, Current School ID, Police Clearance, Barangay ID.
  4. NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE: if the ID of the applicant doesn’t contain the birth date, he/she shall bring the authenticated birth certificate.
  5. EXAMINATION FEE: 500 pesos
  6. In case of dual citizenship under RA 9225, the original and photocopy of Certificate of Retention/ Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship issued by BIR is required.

– See more at: Civil Service Exam Application Requirements

And please take note that All applicants must strictly meet the following qualifications/admission requirements:


• Filipino citizen;
• At least 18 years old on the date of filing of application;
• Of good moral character;
• Has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude, or disgraceful or immoral conduct, dishonesty, examination irregularity, drunkenness, or addiction to drugs;
• Has not been dishonorably discharged from military service, or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government; and
• Has not taken the same level of Career Service Examination, regardless of mode, within the last three months before the date of examination (three-month prohibition period).

**NOTE: There is no educational requirement for taking the #CSExam.**

Untitled.pngThe very next day I complete all of the requirements and passed it on August 31. The deadline was September 1, 2016. They only accept certain number of applicants so hoping I’ll be one of them. The Civil Service Commission is at located at Batangas Field Office, Provincial Capitol Compound, Batangas City, Batangas. As expected the office are crowded by applicants. Patiently waiting for my turn, good thing the staffs are very accommodating and everything went just fine.


Before the exam of course I did some research on about the exams. Gratefully, there are articles discussing what are the scopes of the exam. You may want to check it out also it helps a lot.

According to the CSC, the exam will cover the following scope:

  • English and Filipino:
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and correct usage
  • Paragraph organization
  • Reading comprehension
  • Analogy
  • Logic
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Clerical Operations
  • General Information about – Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R. A. 6713); peace and human rights issues and concepts; and environment management and protection.

Notes:  The Sub-professional level also has similar coverage but doesn’t cover Analogy and Logic but has Clerical Operations questions.

You  may want to check this reviewer it will help a lot. Do everything you can do, search for more reviewer, search for the answer, be familiar with the type of question, download what you can but don’t avail anything. You don’t need to spend a penny to pass the exam. One of the advice I can give is just enjoy it and follow your instinct especially for those students or fresh graduate. You can answer most of the question if you listen to your professor when they’re explaining the RA—- and some algebras.

The Civil Service Exam was held this October 23, 2016 in Region 4, the venue is at BSU-Alangilan and BNHS, Batangas City. I’m taking the professional exam and unlike before instead of using a pencil-paper-test it’s now pen-paper-test.

The problem is, I’m now using an ink pen on my answer sheet and later on I were notified that I should be using ballpoint pen for some reason. On application, they said we should use pen during the exam but not specifically ballpoint pen. Now I’m not confident enough if I’m going to pass the exam simply because I probably mess up using an ink pen? Answers will be scan, is it really a big deal using an ink pen to my exam? I heard that ink pen might smudge and mess up my answer sheet and it will not be scan that’s why ballpoint pen is recommended.

I ask this question at Quora few months ago (you can find it here) regarding my exam. Though I didn’t receive any answers upon researching I found out that lots of people are having the same problem. Lucky for us those who already taken the exam and passed use an ink pen and told us there’s nothing to worry about as long as the shaded part can be scan by the machine.


There you go, after more than a month of waiting I finally found my name listed as one of the passers. It feels great especially it was my first take, the P500 fee has worth you know. You can claim the certificate at  The Civil Service Commission Office mentioned above. I claimed it around February then the staff told us it’s only a certification. Because the CSE passers since 2015 are now going to receive an ID instead of certificate. Quite disappointed I wanted to receive the ID ASAP or atleast the certificate. I try to do some arithmetic, this years October passers are approximately 25,000 back from 2015 there are 2 exam that was held. Basically, if we assume that there are 25,00 passers from 2015 up to 2016 there are 100,000 of passers who are supposedly receiving an ID. Noting that the 2015 passers haven’t receive the ID yet how about those who will pass the exam on 2016 and so on. When will we receive our ID, I believe we deserve it. Some people took several examination first before passing it. It would be the best if they can distribute it immediately. And hopefully it will be accepted as valid ID.

Too much for now, I will give you an update if there is any advancement about this ID of I already have it. I wonder if there are other people asking about the same thing. I didn’t see nor read anything nor watch it over the news. I will try to research first then hopefully give you some clarification. If you have any question about the CSE feel free to contact me or comment your question below.


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