CSR Experience

It wasn’t easy. That’s the summary of what I’m going to share with you today. Let us go back to my student life. I’m not so familiar with Customer Service Representative when I was in high school while in college I told myself I will not work as a CSR since they also accepts vocational and non-graduate students. It wasn’t the best mind setting I have back then.

I also believe I cannot communicate effectively in English and most of all I don’t like to work at night shift.Then it all change after I graduate, sending resumes everywhere and I got nothing. Frustrating enough I got a call from someone I don’t know, hiring for a position I don’t know, into the company that I don’t know. Asking me to be there at 3pm, she calls me around 1pm on the same day. Nasugbu to Batangas takes about 2-3 hrs travel so I wasn’t able to be there on time. But then I decided to take a trip the next day.She is not aware I’m going to be there that day, so she interviewed me after an hour of waiting. Everything goes well I was able to answer her question in English, she gave me the exam both written and computer. It wasn’t a good grades for me but she accepts it anyway. Later on she told me that I will receive a message regarding my training. It took a week then it was rescheduled and rescheduled again. I thought it wasn’t meant for me, then finally it happens.I already find a place to stay before it happens.

It’s a 5 days training wherein on the 3rd day we’ll know the result whether we are hired or not. Unfortunately, among the 3 of us only me got hired then I immediately start the very next day. But then let’s have a flashback. The training got me really confused, I mean I wasn’t aware of the jargons on BPO company like spiels, mac calls, logs etc. We try to understand the account, basically we have 5 accounts: Easykits, EPG, Gardenshed, ETP and AppleTree. On the first day we study the Easykits, basically the most important one since we receive most of our calls from this account. We’re listening to recordings and try to pull up the record of the customers and also analyze there accounts. On the 2nd day, we do mac calls our TL is the one trying to ask us questions. I’m so nervous since I’m not yet fully familiar with the account but then it all went well. On the 3rd day is the final day for us, this day we’re going to receive calls from real customers. It was my first time, I don’t know if I’m able to understand there accent or if they can understand me. And yes it went well and as what I told you earlier I was the only one got employed. Easykits is one of the easiest also then is the EPG, we are just the first level customer support for this account so we just gather the information of the customers. While the ETP is about truck parts, we’re answering inquiries from customer or trying to place an order for them. The same goes with the Gardenshed wherein we sell Sheds if you’re Australians basically you’re well aware of it. The last account, probably we just had it for 6 months is the AppleTree it’s about medicines. Kinda hard for me especially, I don’t know much of medicines or sheds and even truck parts but then I get known of it as times goes by.

After the training, let’s talk about my first day. It was hilarious, out of nowhere I got nervous unlike on my first mac calls. After this and that mistake I try to ask some questions with my co-workers about this and that and a lot of stuff. Thank goodness they understand how innocent I am about all this stuff. And upon hearing there spiels and explanation everyday I try to a adapt those and answer questions easily. Let me share some system we’re using with these accounts.

Easykits, GardenShed, EPG

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We’re using several CRM and database on logging our day to day calls.

  1. Sugar CRM
  2. Kayako Chat/Email
  3. Livezilla
  4. Limelight

We answer not only calls but also chat and try to email customers if necessary. Basically it’s a multitasking for us. The hardest part is if we’re doing calls, then a chat came in and an email follow up is a must. In short, we need to really know how to handle time management. As time goes by you will get used to it but still mistakes is inevitable in this pace of work.

ETP and AppleTree


On the other hand, we’re using different order management system for the other two accounts. The SCE, I can’t find any image or screenshot of this system but hey I got the logo. This is kinda confusing to use. First of all for you to place an order for the customer you need to register him first on the database gathering information such as: Name, Address, Email and Phone. Then, after that you will look for the Item No. of the product he wants to purchase so is the number of items. Then ask for the shipping address and the billing address, this shouldn’t be interchange. The billing address is the address on the credit card provided. After that, ask for the credit card number, type of credit card and the CVV code. The tricky part is after you put all the information instead of clicking ‘Finish’ you should click ‘Authorize’, I really cannot remember the buttons to be click but one thing’s for sure they’re not on chronological order so you really have to be careful.

Other problem encountered is if the credit card don’t have enough balance or wrong billing address. It will not say what’s wrong it will just pop up “There was problem processing the order” and you need to double check everything from top to bottom to make sure you did it right. Well, other customer understand about this kind of issues and fully cooperates.

Overall, it wasn’t easy but you can learn a lot of things from it. Actually I suggest that everyone should work as Call Center Agent at least once in their lifetime. It’s fun and challenging and good salary at the same time. Anyone on my audience who used to be or currently CSR? I salute you guys.


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