Hi! This website will serve as my e-resume. I want my CV be kept updated online. All my awards, certifications, achievements and experience will be listed here.You can also check the menu above.

I’m an experienced Customer Service Agent with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Microsoft Word, Sales, Accounting, and English. Strong support professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Business Management from University of Batangas.

I am open on for job opportunities prior that it will challenge my skills and interests. About location Region NCR and CALABARZON will be great.

My menus serves as my compilation on their specific subjects. Let me explain what you should expect on my pages above:

  1. Home – You will find all my blogs there regarding my different things I’m doing. The exams I take, training, seminars or travel I’ve made prior to my professional life.
  2. Awards – All awards I receive since I was college. I starts from year 2016 on wards
  3. Seminars – This are my seminars attended. Also started when I was college and is looking forward to attend more seminars for new learning.
  4. Certificates – Basically it’s a compilation of all my certificates I receive either it’s studies or examination.
  5. Resume – it serves as my e-resume. You can find here the summary of my website and all updates

I will also provide the copy of my Diploma and Transcript of Record

 For more information you can contact me here.


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