Seminars are provided by universities for its students as a purpose of education regarding broad range of discussions. Below are the list I previously attended as a college student. All of the seminars were held at University of Batangas
It’s the time to learn a lot from different perspectives, one of which worthy to note is the very first one “Chinkee Tan”.

Let me give you a list:

  1. Unleashing Excellence-Fad and Style Entanglement to Business Operation – 02/28/2016
  2. Unleashing Young Entrepreneurial Spirit: Innovate, Integrate, Motivate – 02/14/2014
  3. Competency Requirements for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Meeting the Challenges of Globalization – 07/24/2014
  4. Member of Business Management Student Council – 07/22/2015
  5. Start Small, Hitting BIG in Business – 07/24/2015
  6. Training for SAP Business One – October 2015
  7. Defining the Role of CBA in Ub’s Journey to Quality Higher Quality- 02/24/2016
  8. Career Goals: Picture Your Dream Job – 03/02/2016

This are just few seminars compare to others, but surely I learn a lot from speakers who started from the bottom.

The sad part is many students taken these for granted. Attendance is just for the sake of credits, bonus and additional points. Hopefully, schools and university taken off this kind of thinking from students and help them realize that listening is actually the action on our quote “Action speaks louder than words”.

Let me mention here my favorite speaker Chinkee Tan


He’s a very persuasive and positive person, I wish I can speak or listen to him again. Other great speakers are just next to Him.

All I can say is he’s the best speaker I ever listen to, he stated how he started from nothing. Noted that he’s from a Chinese family he loves being a Filipino. I cannot say too much about him as all I know is he’s a great motivational speaker and a Christian, a father and husband.

Kindly check is website on for more info. I still have to read it also